taste, drink, … salute!

Think of your doubts when you are exposed to the infinite shelves at your local Supermarket and you do not know what to choose. Sometimes you may be disappointed when you find out that the wine inside the bottle you purchased does not match the evocative label or the latest score.  

All of our palates are different!

FIRST: demystify wine and learn about the stories behind a bottle. 

SECOND: sift through all of the uninspired wines out on the market

and discover the wines with “heart and soul”!

 What is wine for us?

WINE is a silent companion on the table where friends chat and share bottles, each one of them with a different, strong personality.

We have created the 29vsl Wine Club to share with you the experiences that we have every day meeting passionate winemakers, drinking their wines, and knowing their stories .

We have a vineyard ourselves and we have spent more than 20 years traveling around the world visiting every major wine region. We personally experience all the challenges that these talented people must overcome in order to deliver an enjoyable, thought provoking, and sometimes mind altering bottle of wine! 

There are thirty-six billion bottles of wine produced worldwide each year.  The wines we seek represent a tiny fraction of the worldwide market, less than a drop in the bucket. 

There are many guides, magazines, and bloggers who share their opinions.  We want to share the “stories behind each wine” and the food that is paired with these wines. This will allow you to make your own conclusion whether you like it or not.  Sharing a glass of wine with friends and family is the same as embarking on a voyage into history with layers of flavor, depth, and even contradiction.

An artisanal selection of wines that we have procured for you departs from the cellar door and arrives directly at your home.  We search for wines made by people who care about their land, work in their cellar, bottle, and label their wines. Their intent is to make the truest representation from their terroir and grape variety or varieties. 

Key points:

-          Access to limited production wines sourced directly from the producer.

-          Detailed notes about each wine and suggested food pairings.

-          Shipment to your home 

-          Cooking classes and wine tours 

Send an email to clay@29vsl.com for more information about packages and deliveries. We would be happy to assist you!

Autumn in the Langhe

Autumn in the Langhe