Italian Cooking Classes in Piedmont, Italy

All of the activities we offer our based on years of exploring and learning out of our own interests and our passion to share these delicious and eye opening experiences with our guests. 

We offer cooking classes focusing on Piemontese cuisine. We love food and we are passionate about understanding the roots of the products we use.  Likewise, we strongly believe in supporting the local community, utilizing what is available within close proximity.  Piemonte is well known for its French influenced type of cuisine. Our guests not only receive hands on cooking instruction, but they will meet local chefs and producers, many of whom are carrying on a long family tradition.  Guests benefit from our years of cultivating relationships with local producers of cheese, wine, olive oil, produce, meats.  This is a true cultural as well as culinary experience.

Cooking with kids

We know the joys and challenges of family cooking and are able to customize our classes to include the entire family.  We have had plenty of experience cooking (and teaching cooking) with our kids!

Bread making

Clay began making bread after photographing four different books on the subject while living in Paris.

Traditional Neapolitan Style Pizza

Creating perfect dough is the key to good pizza.  As well as being true pizza lovers, we have spent years studying and researching various pizza dough techniques.  Pizza classes focus on the essentials of creating a well developed starter and sourcing simple yet quality ingredients.  We teach the key steps to pizza making from lighting the fire correctly in the authentic pizza oven to creating the ideal dough and toppings.  This is a delicious hands on experience that anyone who likes pizza will enjoy.

Chocolate making

We partner with Café Truffa, a x years old family chocolateria well known for its excellent confections.  Learn the tradition of chocolate making from the hands of an expert. Participants enjoy a private tour of Euguene’s chocolate laboratory and learn the skill of making chocolate confections (and eating them!)  A true delight for any chocoholic.


Pasta is one of the foundations of Italian cuisine.  All pastas are not created equal.   In this class, learn how to create 40 egg yolk tagliarin or light and fluffy gnocchi. Take these techniques home and wow your friends with your authentic Italian pasta creations.