Tailor your stay with authentic experiences

Learn how to make different shapes of pasta including potato gnocchi (and gnocchi di zucca…pumpkin gnocchi…in the autumn), tajarin (Piedmont’s traditional egg-yolk pasta that is similar to spaghetti), ravioli al plin (traditional small ravioli with the dough pinched to seal in different selections such as vegetables, cheese, and meats) with talented local chefs who share their professional knowledge and tips. Included you will receive written instructions to remember all the variations that you have learned during the cooking class. You will be able to take these skills home and wow your friends with your own homemade pastas.  Afterwards we sit down to a lunch or dinner eating all the food that we have made together and pairing different wines to match the different flavor profiles with each dish. We have heard many fantastic comments from guests and we look forward to welcoming you to share this wonderful in depth and local experience.

All photographs copyright 2019, Clay McLachlan