Women's Wine and Walking Tour of Monviso

Feeling stuck?  Need a boost in your personal or professional life? Join us for our Women’s Wine and Walking tour of spectacular Monviso (the mountain that opens all Paramount Pictures films!) in Piedmont, Northern Italy.  Sue Hepburn from Naked Tartufi and Tamar McLachlan from Wine and Truffles will lead an inspiring women’s only hiking trip September 5-9, 2015.  

We will enjoy beautiful views of Monviso, alpine lakes, waterfalls and local Ibex that inhabit this alpine area. Dine on delicious local Piemontese cuisine, taste well-known Italian wines, and sleep in mountain refugios with spectacular close up views of Monviso.  Tamar and Sue are both Anglo ex-pats who now live in Piedmont near Turin, Italy.  This trip is a perfect opportunity for women who want to enjoy hiking, great food and inspiration.  We are uniquely skilled in helping women to clarify their dreams, and take the next steps towards achieving them.

Tamar McLachlan, MSW, is a counselor and coach, experienced hiking guide, and is passionate about helping women to achieve their dreams.  Sue Hepburn’s experience as co-owner of Naked Tartufi and consultant for women’s aid have assisted her in empowering women worldwide. 

Space is limited, please contact us at tamar@tamarmclachlan.com to reserve your spot now!