Snowing outside - Baking inside

Last week we were happily heading towards Spring, making plans for the large garden we will be planting.  We even had a meeting just two days ago with a wonderful local man who has farmed our land before more than forty years ago.

Opening all the windows and airing all of the rooms out for guests who will begin to arrive in May. Buds were starting to show on the trees and the kittens were frolicking further afield.  And then yesterday, it snowed...for twenty-four hours.  Then it turned to rain. Clay and Azalia did some heavy snow shoveling yesterday evening and this morning before thoughts turned to the warm comfort of the kitchen.

Our kitchen has been turned into a pasticceria: between the girls baking chocolate cakes (mostly so they can go crazy decorating with colored sprinkles and cupcake supplies brought from the USA) and Clay baking bread that is now being requested by many different friends as well as local cafes and restaurants. 

Today, the house is filled with the scents of sugar, cinnamon and butter since Clay and Isabelle have been working hard to turn out morning buns, croissants and pain au chocolat created by the team at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco.

Meanwhile Azalia has literally been climbing the walls. (I swear she came up with this with no prompting by her climbing enthusiast mamma).

Now we Just need someone to help eat all these goodies!

All Photographs copyright 2015, Clay McLachlan