4 Kittens

We have four new kittens.  The girls have been asking for a pet and since Azalia is allergic to dogs, a cat seemed like a reasonable bet.  Unfortunately, Clay is allergic to cats, so they would have to live outside.  Aside from feeling the pressure to give my kids a pet, especially now that we are living in the countryside, I was also looking forward to the added advantage of keeping mice away.  When our friend offered up her four new kittens that were desperate for a home, I figured this was a perfect match.  How hard could a couple of kittens be? Especially living outside.  They would keep the mice away, be wonderful playmates for my kids and have cute curb appeal. 

I carefully placed a cardboard box in the backseat, between the girls, figuring the kittens would settle in for the short ride home.  Boy was I wrong.  As soon as I placed them in the box, each climbed out, scampering about the car.  I shoved the kids into their carseats, quickly slammed the door shut before any kittens could make an escape and started down the road.  Less than two minutes into our short drive home, I heard squeals from girls and kittens, “Mama! Stop the car! They’re climbing all over me!”  Isabelle screamed.  Azalia began to cry, “Get this cat off of me!”  I glanced in the rearview mirror to see one kitten perched on the headrest above Isabelle, another climbing up Azalia’s shoulder, a third huddled in Isabelle’s lap and the fourth had wedged itself onto the gearshift.  I scooped up two kittens and plopped them in my lap, tried to calm the girls down and made the rest of the drive home driving, one handed while plucking kittens from the dashboard with the other hand.

By the time we got home (seven minutes later), the car smelled of cat pee, the girls were traumatized and I was ready for a drink.  I opened all the car doors. Kittens and children tumbled into the driveway and headed towards the house.  A half hour later, girls soothed by some medicinal chocolate and kittens happily munching a bowl of kitty kibbles, Clay arrived home.  “FOUR? I thought you were getting one kitten? We have four?”  he exclaimed.  “Don’t worry,”  I assured him, “They’re just kittens.  How much trouble can they be?”