learn how to make your own sourdough starter and DIFFERENT breads using local artisanal flours that you can find back home

Learn how to make your own naturally leavened bread.   Use ancient grains and create from scratch a sourdough starter. You will never have to buy bread again. 

Clay has been perfecting his bread making skills for five years years. He wrote and photographed about his experiences as a baker for Edible Marin and Wine Country.  He has worked hard to create his own pasta madre or sourdough starter, an active yeast created simply from mixing flour and water.  Since living in Piedmont, he has focused on sourcing his ingredients from local producers and is thrilled to share his discoveries with fellow bread lovers.   Einkorn, or Monococo in Italian, wheat is grown and milled a the nearby organic farm, La Ghiandaia, in Bonvicino.  Clay recently published a book with Clarkson Potter and Jovial Foods using this wonderful ancient grain that has never been modified and is absolutely delicious and low in gluten for those whom are gluten sensitive.